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At Awayr AI (pronounced “aware”), our mission is to enable designs of the future, with a relentless focus on end-user well-being and system performance.

Our Focus

Increasing safety, usability, and reliability of human machine interfaces (HMI) is key to improving products for the end-user. With Awayr AI, manufacturers can bring their next-generation technologies and futuristic product visions to market faster and at less cost.

Fundamental Technology

Awayr AI has developed a new form of artificial intelligence that can model and predict how people will interact with technology, in ways not previously possible.

HMI Optimization Process

We saw an area of systems engineering that would be greatly impacted by our fundamental technology – the development of HMI.

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An HMI is designed

An HMI is designed, utilizing industry design tools.

Awayr AI software analyzes the design

The HMI design is tested with our proprietary technology, embedded into the engineer’s native interface.

Feedback is generated

The embedded HMI optimization software produces a report, based on the engineer’s design.

Designers iterate

Awayr AI’s recommendations empower agile design, giving HMI designers rapid feedback that helps them design HMI that is more responsive, less distracting and easier to operate for users.

The Automotive Industry: A Real-World Proof of Concept

In a proof of concept, Awayr AI’s technology was compared head-to-head with the existing state-of-the-art methodology, human safety and usability testing with eye tracking. Awayr AI was proven to be orders of magnitude faster and less cost.

The Awayr AI HMI Optimization Process is 5,700 times faster at a fraction of the cost.

The Awayr AI HMI Optimization Process has gained traction in the following industries:

All of these industries see the unique value in our HMI optimization process.

Always Iterating

Awayr AI is adaptable to many industries and use cases. Our HMI design optimization and testing tools can be tailored to the needs of various manufacturer’s products, platforms and systems engineering processes. Awayr AI is a team of builders and dreamers – we are genuinely interested to learn more about your application. Reach out today and make us awayr of how we can help.

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